Head First By Steve H. Lawton

After a life-threatening ski accident in Colorado, doctors weren't sure Steve H. Lawton would survive, but because of his attitude, his helmet, and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton lives to share the wonders of positivity. Through Lawton s powerful story and eight proven and practical tools, Head First can help you improve your own attitude fitness and overcome the rough patches in your life to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.

I love when the Author starts off with the climax at the beginning of the book as it never fails to draw me in right from the start. I've always thought myself to be a fairly positive person in every situation although if I was in Steves shoes I'm not so sure I'd be as positive as he was. He goes on to explain several different points positivity and the power of positive thinking and how it had helped him overcome his situation and rise above as a means to survive.
In every situation life throws at us the author explains how we have the option to look at all that went wrong, or how he dealt with it and look at all that went right. The concrete steps help you take one point and apply it to your life. It helps you to do some critical thinking and reflection and put that to use. This is definitely a book that can be done in parts and great for a book club discussion. I'd be curious to know the number of people who feel they're living positively but this book helping them realize they c an live so much more fully! Great read!

Mojo Monday Sketch 488

So I decided to give the MOJO Monday Sketch a try again. It's been a few years since I've entered a card. I've been wanting to use up some supplies as well as try out some new stamps and what better day than another snow day! I needed something springy so I opted for some pastels and loving my new food truck stamps from Stampin Up. Enjoy!   


The exhaustion is worth the happiness!

Ok so I'm really beginning to see the light at the end of this crazy KonMari tunnel! I am loving that I am loving my home! Everything in it is what I love, is what makes me happy, it's what sparks JOY! 
So yesterday I took it easy with the decluttering and did some grown up work that needed attention biiiiiiig time. I couldn't not do anything though so I did towels, linens and bedding. Now while I don't love the towels, I absolutely cannot afford to replace them right now, plus I'm not sure what I want to go with just yet (colour, white, etc). 


Main Bathroom. Way too much storage in here. I need a total makeover. 


Got rid of the rolly cart in the master bathroom (which was recently renovated), which was a mess, and replaced it with this pretty basket! 😍
I've been quite busy today as well. I decided instead of keeping going with the bathroom I would tackle the biggest project (besides clothes). The kitchen. Oh my. It was a disaster. I hated trying to find anything in my cupboard. I had so many beautiful dishes but I didn't love them. So I started hauling it out and only putting back what I truly loved. Less is more, so much more. 


Just the BBQ grill basket above the stove. Nothing else. It's a great place for seasonal items for sure.


My corner cupboard used to be the one place I hated to get anything out of. I had so many serving dishes piled up there I finally was ready to give them new homes. Look at how much easier it is now to get something! 

Not in love with the pot and casserole storage but it is what it is lol.


Got rid of the bowls I hated, kept what I loved.


There used to be a huge utensil holder on the counter, but got it down to just this 😍😍 so much better and check out how clean my counters look 



I love this. This brings me joy. Even though the cabinetry isn't my favourite (it came with the house). 
Here are some more cupboards 


And I also have in to the pantry. We had a food cupboard but I begged hubby to turn the extra closet we had into a pantry. Well after throwing out 2 big bags of expired food I decided we didn't need that pantry so here is all our goods back in the food cupboard in the kitchen. Hopefully this ends the expired food dilemma. I also fronted the top shelf junk food. Hopefully that way it looks totally full and we'll buy less!


It was a long process, plus I had sold a ton of stuff on local classifieds. Threw out 4 bags of garbage. 4. Expired food. That's sad. Took 7 bags to someone to take to the thrift store as it's in another town. 
I'm pretty tired but pretty proud of all the progress we've been making! 
My son was onboard with the pantry tonight ❤ he was a great help transferring items to the cupboard. I can't wait to see if this helps make life easier for us. I had so many multiples you'd think I was preparing for an apocalypse, yet I didn't even think I had any of certain items. 
Oh! Forgot to mention the spice cupboard! That was always a mess, plus a spice rack that would sit on the counter. Got rid of it, put my favourite spices in the cupboard. Tossed the rest. I truly wish I would stop wasting money on things I don't need. Tomorrow is Sunday. I will probably take it easy, but the bathroom is calling. We'll see what happens! Good nite! Or is it good morning now? Lol 


Letting go of stuff

Ones choice to minimalize and practice the art on KonMari must have some valid reason behind it. There is a driving point, something that makes you feel that you need this in your life. When I first heard about Marie Kondo and her book I had been studying minimalism for a while and watched a few documentaries, reading about tiny homes and thinking "Hey! I can do that! I'd love to do that! That looks so cozy to me!". There was something about it that just sparked joy, like it was meant for me. Perfect, this will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! So I bought the ebook, found a few groups on Facebook, searched some hashtags on Instagram and got to work. Boy, was I ever wrong. 
When you have a child on the Autism spectrum nothing ever comes easy. Change isn't easy. Anything out of routine isn't easy . Getting rid of 'stuff' is definitely not easy. There's been many tears, many screaming matches, many arguments and even my hubby has been in on some. Then I realized, this isn't suppose to be like this. So I KonMaried my own things and left my two guys alone. Things are going much smoother now. My sweet 6 year old let things go on his own. He's much much happier with a tidy space not overflowing with stuff. He still has plenty but he's working on it. He's excited to be saving money from our sales for a tropical vacation away from all this cold and snow. Hubby is seeing my progress and slowly coming around. He sees how happy less stuff makes me and I know he loves a happy wife lol. But this is a journey about finding yourself. Who you are, what you want, why you want to live this way. For me? I am calmer, I am more at peace, I can think more clearly and I am much happier to have less around me. Quality over quantity. 


I've already learned so much about myself.  Like I am a very big impulse buyer at times and I tend to pick up new hobbies overnight and stretch myself over 10 instead of putting more effort into a couple. I also have a hard time letting things go. I don't know why, I just do. I'm resistant to change. But the more stuff that is going out of my house the more relief I'm feeling. 
Today I finished up the DVD's and moved on to my photography props that were screaming at me from my master closet. It was a disaster. We currently are demo and Reno mode in the basement and because it's kinda musty I keep things up here where the air is clear. It was stogged everywhere! I hauled it all out and took many breaks but I got it done! It's still not the greatest because I hate staring at the bins but it's now organized. I know all my newborn outfits are in one bin, backdrops in another, blankets in another and so on.


This was when I hauled it all out. Now here's the after! 


It is definitely a huge improvement. I got rid of over two bins of things I never used or wasn't pertinent anymore. I can breathe easy now and isnt that pretty much what this journey is about? Even though things are still in bins I know where to find them and that's the most important 😊 
Tomorrow I may take a break and do some work I need to get done and just throw stuff out that I see that needs to go while I litter patter around the house. I was looking at my bookshelf today and running my hands over my books again and thinking, I need to add "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying-up" to this shelf of love ❤


KonMari this place!

KonMari is my new favourite word. People are asking me to come organize for them, I told them I could definitely help but it's not as simple as they would think. There's a mental process as well. It's not just the organization, it's the letting stuff go. And that's what I think people will find the hardest. So today I moved on to books, and lucky for me I purged back in the summer/fall and got rid of hundreds! I was down to 2 bookshelves in my closet but after today I'm using half a shelf on a small 
bookshelf! Amazing!


I'm not quite sure how I will display them just yet. I want to create a little happy space in my bedroom with the perfect comfy chair and a side table for reading, journaling and meditation. Just a place of peace and contentment that's all mine. ❤  I've just recently painted my dining room, kitchen, master bath and hallway light grey. My bedroom is yellow but I'm thinking I want to carry the grey throughout. I love the calmness it brings and the sleek modern look. Today I ordered new flooring for the bedroom. It's the same as what we laid in the dining room, living room, hallway and master bath. It's a dark flooring with a bit of brown and grey, (brockville oak). 😍😍😍 
So in love. I'm a neutral tone throughout person. I'd rather add pops of color in the way of throw cushions and greenery. That's what makes me happy! The yellow is nice but there's just something about it that I am not completely in love with. Maybe it's the photographer in me lol. 
Since the books didn't take as long as anticipated, I moved on to papers. Whoa! Who knew one could accumulate so much papers! They were everywhere! Bills, documents, handwritten notes, receipts, recipes, passports lol. But now all our documents, passports, birth certificates, etc all sit in this nice little folio and that makes me happy! 

 I started the DVD's and CD's today too, but I will finish them up tomorrow. Last purge we kept one CD case filled with cds (40ish?) and tonight it is gone! We decided we have it all digitally now anyways so we didn't want these copies collecting dust, thank you local buy and sell groups! Our items served us well but now it's time for others to love them. We didn't have many DVD's to get rid of because we already sold hundreds in our last purge. My son kept maybe 1/4 of his collection. I am so proud of him for letting go. He said "Mom I can watch this on Netflix anyway". You rock kid! 
I needed a break so I just left in the middle of it and back to it tomorrow. Plus I needed to start posting on the buy and sell groups to get this outta the way, take out the garbage and sort what was going to thrift stores. It's amazing how much we collected over the past 5.5 years since we bought our home. 
I'm glad I started this process and it's definitely doable. We just need to be more mindful of what actually sparks joy for us and in us. We don't need to be holding on to things that just clutter our lives and our minds. Let's keep moving forward! 


My journey to minimalism

So I've stared reading Marie Kondos book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing" and I must say, I am quite impressed. I'm reading it section by section and taking my time. Well today it was clothes. Actually, before I read this we've been working on clothes. The amount of stuff we accumulate is overwhelming! I forgot to get before pictures, but here are the after


This is my one section. It contains my pants, capris, bathing suit, tank tops and tshirts. Other than this I have one half of a closet space and hubby has the other half. I didn't take a picture of my closet section because I don't feel quite done yet! Hubby is having issues letting stuff go so for now I'll keep practicing the art of KonMari and hope he follows. He did get rid of some things today though, I am quite proud of him! Here's his section 


 His tshirt drawer and jeans and shorts are in the bottom drawer. 

I love this folding method that lets you see what you have. I had so much clothes that just sat on the bottom and was never worn because I would always pull out what was on top! 
My dear son would probably get rid of all his clothes except underwear and onesies if I let him lol. He really despises jeans, said they feel like rocks as well as button shirts. So I helped him organize and repack. 


Went from 5 drawers down to 4 and you can see that he could easily use even less space. I forgot to capture his pants lol. 
I'm really enjoying this journey so far and there's so much more to sort through but some things are bringing up memories I can't imagine when I get to the sentimental items! 
Tomorrow it's on to books and maybe papers, maybe 😉


Goodbye 2016, I'm tired...

As 2016 comes to a close I've taken some time to reflect on the past year and what I have accomplished (or haven't accomplished) and decided I want to do more and be more in 2017! 

We all have resolutions we never keep, goals we never reach and words left unspoken. Let's change our attitudes, change our behaviour and change our lives!

As I was driving the other day I watched the sunrise ahead of me. I was thinking "It sure is beautiful, I'd love to take a picture but I don't have my good camera on me, it will probably look crappy anyway, plus I'm just too tired" But something inside of me prompted me to take a minute, stop and snap the picture anyway. When I turned around to get back in my vehicle I noticed the beautiful sky behind me and it got me thinking, what if I hadn't taken the time to stop? Sure I could see the beautiful glow before me cast out across the glistening snow but I would have totally missed the colourful magic unfolding behind me. That moment as I stood there looking behind me and watching the colour fade fast it made me realize that it's ok to look back, reflect and refresh.  So as I got back in my vehicle and continued on to my destination, it got me thinking...

 Sometimes, the best camera is the one you have on you.
I keep looking back at this photo and thinking am I ever glad I obeyed that nudge, that prompt, to catch that moment and not let it pass without another thought. That feeling, the stillness, the quiet and the crisp morning air was so refreshing, so energizing. I'm so in love with those winter skies. I'm tired of not utilizing the tools I have more often. I will use what I have in the moment.

We need to seize every moment. 
Life is just too short. With all the deaths, heartache, and destruction we read about in the news on a daily basis we never know when it will be our turn next. We often rush through life in a hurry to get to our destination without ever stopping to take in the scenery and enjoy the ones around us until it's too late. I'm tired of missed opportunities. I will pause moments, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Negativity is mind games.
I keep thinking "Man, what if I had just dismissed this moment because I listened to those negative thoughts of inadequacy how I wasn't good enough or my equipment wasn't good enough?" It may not be the best quality but it's actually one of my favourite images. I'm tired of letting the negative thoughts rule my life. I will look for the positive in every situation. I will listen for the positive voice.

So goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!
 Let's make this the year of positive changes.
Use what you have.
Live in the moment.
Speak kind words to yourself.
For if we want to change the world, we must start within....