Mojo Monday 91

Hi so I haven't been really getting my cards done in time for the challenges, busy busy! But since I had the day off today, decided I should make Ken's Dad a Fathers day card. I have a new obsession, stamps! I want every set in the Stampin' Up! catalogue. So my new goal is to save pocket change for stamps, there's some sets I really want, and I want a border punch and blender pens *sigh*.

But anyways, this card ended up being a go with the flow kinda thing. I think it turned out pretty good!! Comment away....

Peace Out -CP


Mojo Monday 85

Here's my mojo for the week. I did do one last week but I didn't like it so I didn't post :( This one I really enjoyed, I also made an altered item to go with it. Happy Mothers Day Momma!! -C


Mojo Monday 83

Mojo Thursday?? I was thinking I may not have time to get this done this week, but here it is!! How can I not have time?? I loved the layout for this weeks mojo, and I always take the layout and go on a whim. I think it turned out pretty good! Still taking pics with my blackberry, grrr, One day I will take out the good camera, I promise! Love the butterfly stamp I bought at the buck or two the other day, it's so cute! & yes, that is the leftover ribbon from my clipboard alter...Enjoy...Live, Laugh Love ~C


Mojo Monday82

Ok, so here's my mojo interpretation for this week. I was going to make it a mothers day card, then a happy birthday card for my boyfriend, but then it just turned into a general card, not sure what I will do with it yet! I seriously need to start taking pics with my Nikon D-50. Here I am with a photographers camera and I'm taking pics with my blackberry!! crazy. Hope you like it. Think I may need to retake these pics, this really doesn't do the cards justice. -CP


Altered clipboard

So I wanted to do the mojo Monday for the week but I was so unorganized. I was looking for this and that, that I knew I had but could not find. So I ended up organizing and putting all my things in their place and started a sticker box which eventually turned into a sticker shoebox and it was chinched full! Never knew one could collect so much stuff, funny thing is I never have what I'm looking for! So anyways, after the organizing was almost done, I saw this clipboard I've had since high school and it was screaming for something to be done with it, so I altered it! I'm planning on printing a calendar that would fit nicely on there. The bottom says "To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under Heaven. -Ecc. 3:1" and theres a little peace dove there as well. I'm not sure if I'm gonna leave it there or not because the space looks empty. Any ideas? Suggestions welcome :) -CP


Mojo Monday81

Ok, so I've had this blog for over 2 years and a while ago I deleted all the posts and decided to start again. So my friend Steff got me all hyped about this Mojo Monday thing, after seeing her cards, I decided I needed to get in on it too and it might get me out of this scrapbooking dry spell! Seems my creative juices aren't flowing as naturally as they used to. But here's my submission. Wish me luck! -CP