Altered clipboard

So I wanted to do the mojo Monday for the week but I was so unorganized. I was looking for this and that, that I knew I had but could not find. So I ended up organizing and putting all my things in their place and started a sticker box which eventually turned into a sticker shoebox and it was chinched full! Never knew one could collect so much stuff, funny thing is I never have what I'm looking for! So anyways, after the organizing was almost done, I saw this clipboard I've had since high school and it was screaming for something to be done with it, so I altered it! I'm planning on printing a calendar that would fit nicely on there. The bottom says "To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under Heaven. -Ecc. 3:1" and theres a little peace dove there as well. I'm not sure if I'm gonna leave it there or not because the space looks empty. Any ideas? Suggestions welcome :) -CP


  1. I love what you've done to this clipboard. I think once you put a calander or something on it, it won't look empty. Great color choices. BTW thanks for following my blog:)

  2. Have got to tell you that I really like the colors. How were you able to cover the top? I just did these with my daughter & her friends just this weekend, and man oh man was the top stumping me...arrggghhhh. Great job.

  3. thanks guys...To cover the top I just cut a rectangle piece of paper and kept using a craft knife to cut along the edge of the metal clip as i was gluing :) ~C


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