Mojo Monday81

Ok, so I've had this blog for over 2 years and a while ago I deleted all the posts and decided to start again. So my friend Steff got me all hyped about this Mojo Monday thing, after seeing her cards, I decided I needed to get in on it too and it might get me out of this scrapbooking dry spell! Seems my creative juices aren't flowing as naturally as they used to. But here's my submission. Wish me luck! -CP


  1. So glad to see your making a comeback. Thanks for following my blog. I hope that I can help you get your juices flowing too! If I don't do anything during the week, I at least do the Mojo Monday Challenges to keep my space up. You will enjoy it.

    Nice card by the way! Very nice!

  2. SO PRETTY! do you have a cricut or something? how did you do the scallops on the circle?

  3. Welcome back to blog land! Love the card, very pretty, really like the scallops.

  4. Thanks guys. I don't have any fancy scrapbooking equipment so the scallops are actually 2 flowers I put together that I got at the dollar store :)

  5. Oh wow...love that card. Thanks for following.


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