Mojo Monday82

Ok, so here's my mojo interpretation for this week. I was going to make it a mothers day card, then a happy birthday card for my boyfriend, but then it just turned into a general card, not sure what I will do with it yet! I seriously need to start taking pics with my Nikon D-50. Here I am with a photographers camera and I'm taking pics with my blackberry!! crazy. Hope you like it. Think I may need to retake these pics, this really doesn't do the cards justice. -CP


  1. I like having all occasion cards available for when you just want to send a quick hello. Your card is lovely.

  2. very cute card, great job with the sketch:)

  3. I like it. Simple but elegant. Again, have to tell you that I really like the color combo you have going on there.

  4. thanks :) I really like this one. It is very streamlined yet so simple. Can be used for ANYTHING...Thanks for your comments :) ~C


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