Miracles do come in small packages...

So I'm not the greatest blogger, but here's the info you've all been waiting for...
We had our first ultrasound a week ago today. Let me tell you, if you've never had an ultrasound before, this is truly remarkable. But due to the fact my bladder has shrunk to the size of a pea, holding a litre of water was virtually impossible. Anyways, we had a visit with the Public Health Nurse prior to our ultrasound, just to get basic info, yada, yada, yada. While I was waiting to see her, I started shaking and wriggling around, sweating bullets, finally I had to give in and go pee (I'm sure everyone there thought I was on the verge of a seizure). Fianlly! Relief! But at this point, I was thinking all the water I drank was useless and I had to start drinking again. Not a good idea. Well I was sitting there trying to answer questions and I was on the edge of MY SEAT (literally) trying not to pee on the chair. My face was starting to get all red and blotchy at this point, so she finally looks at me and says, "Are you gonna be ok?" Umm, no, my bladder isn't doing so well. I could feel it pulsating, ready to explode. So she decides it's in my best interest to go directly to the hospital, see if I can get in early (God love her little heart!). Well, I couldn't even walk across the road to the hospital, So I got in the van (trying not to pee on the seat) thinking my bladder probably already exploded at this point. Rushed right to xray and said "I can't wait, I'm gonna have to go pee!" She calmly says "Have a seat and someone will be with you shortly". Shortly? I don't think I can even do immediately at this point, did she not see my face? I clearly looked in pain. But it was very short, she gets me to go into the room for the ultrasound, takes one look at me and says "You should not be in this much pain, go relieve yourself a little". I was thinking YES! but have you ever tried to relieve a pulsating bladder, just a little? Well, I thought for sure I was not going to stop peeing, but I did. |Came out, got up on the table, and then it hit me! Not literally, but when she started the sonogram, the pressure almost made me pee on the table, mind you, I had already peed twice in the past 30 minutes. Well, she couldn't see anything and decides that maybe I'd be better on an empty bladder. WHAT??? I just drank all that water for nothing? But I'm just happy to hear I can go pee, again. So I go back to the bathroom, thrid time in 31 minutes (I told you, bladder is virtually pea sized). I never thought I would come out of the bathroom again, I think I even sighed a little :) But there I was, back up on that table and bam! There it was, a little bitty baby. A miracle in the making. No bigger than a peanut. wait, what was that? another peanut? Ken gets all excited, asking if there's 2, nope, it's just a yolk sac. lol. So there's one little tiny life inside me, heart beating at 153 BPM, looks so energetic and full of life. It's just an incredible moment. I never wanted it to end. Now we cannot wait until our next ultrasound, it's just an amazing experience, and I cannot describe the emotion one feels at that moment. The first sign of life. We don't want to find out the sex either. We want it to be a suprise, but Ken's no good at suprises, so we'll see. But I went back and finished my appointment with the PHN and I'm eating healthier but still not feeling the greatest, this kid is hungry 24/7 lol, but loves fruit, fish and water, Thank God! I've never eaten so healthy in my life. But I'm happy. I have another appointment a week from today, we'll see how that goes. I've been having big issues with my sciatic nerve (hasn't bothered me in a while, until recently). Some days I can't even walk, but Thanks God for Mom's Fiancees and Rub A535. lol. That's all for now -C


  1. Candace you have a definite flair for storytelling! I laughed so much i thought i might have bladder issues myself :) Sounds like quite the experience but definitely worth it. Think of the day you tell your little boy or girl of the first time you saw them and how bad you had to PEE!!!!!! You should keep blogging it. I'm so happy for you and Ken! what an exciting time this will be for you, i can't wait to hear more - What an amazing mommy you will be! your kid is going to be so crafty and talented...and SMART!

  2. haha Thanks Steff! I`m hoping my kid will have the same sense of humor as his Mother :) I`m hoping to keep blogging often so one day my child can read all about it :)


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