Unexpected Blessing...PT.1

Ok, so a few weeks ago Ken & I found out there's gonna be a new addition to our family! yay! We're all excited and nervous at the same time. I already had my first ante-natal visit (which lasted 2 hours!) I guess I should get used to this stuff. I started Healthy Baby Club last week and went again last night. So informative, you learn so much! I am currently sitting at 8 weeks and counting. We have a loooong wait ahead of us. But anyways, here's the story... We were both at work on a Saturday and wondering what we were gonna do that night. I had been feeling different all week and wanting pineapple and fish and veggies (I know eh!). Ken was laughing and making jokes saying, "You must be pregnant". We just laughed it off. Then when we went to Pizza Delight a few nights before I found out and I wanted the chicken skillet (chicken, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, red onion grilled) instead of Pizza & cheesefingers, Ken said it again. Then we both got to thinking...So Saturday Jan. 23, close to closing time, Ken went to the Pharmacy and got a ClearBlue test, brings it back to work, tosses it to me and says "Here, go see what it says". lol. I left it for a long time, then decided I might as well see what happens. So I went in the bathroom and waited a while before comming out. When I called out to Ken he never moved. He said he knew. We both laughed, and cried, and I think felt every emotion humanly possible. Of course, dating from my first day of my LMP, I was 4 weeks & 1 day. I wanted to wait to even tell anyone anything, but of course I called my Mom and told her (She doesn't display emotion well). Ken then called his Dad, said "Hi Grandpa" and then chickened out in telling him the news, so he called his Mom, told her and she cried and laughed and screamed, and then she told his Father. I wish we didn't tell people so early, but it's hard to keep it in. Then I decided I needed to see a Dr. since I was on prescription medication, Synthroid & HCT. Well, that was a task, let me tell you. I called the hospital, spoke with outpatients, apparently they were extremely busy. Transferred me to a nurse in Emerg. She told me if the HPT said I was positive, then I was. Ok, that's fine, but what about the medication I was on? So, I get put on hold. She then comes back and tells me to call the health line. Ok, I call the health line. Guess what she told me? Congratulations...blah...blah..blah... Make an appointment to see a Dr. at the hospital asap (becuase of the meds). So, here I go again...I call the hospital back, "outpatients please" the lady comes on, I proceed to tell her I was speaking with the health line, they reccomend I get an appointment to see a Dr as soon as they can fit me in. Guess what she says to me "I'll transfer you to emerg and you can speak with a nurse" Oh for Heavens sake! So, on comes the nurse again "How can I help you?" Hmm, let me try this again... So I proceed to tell her I had spoken with the health line, told her what they said and she says those famous words "Can I put you on hold for a second?" Oh why not! :) So by this point I was getting pretty impatient, what kind of place were they running here? She comes back on the line, apparently emergency was too full to fit me in, so I would have to wait until the next day and call and see if they could fit me in at emerg then. (Yea I know, emerg was too full. Maybe I should have told them my head was severed or something). So I hung up. Ken decided maybe we should speak with a Pharmacist regarding the meds. So we do. The Pharmacist tells us we should really see a Dr. because it is not reccomended, apparently, there are different grades of drugs when you're pregnant,and this wasn't a good one. It was late evening, I didn't want to speak with emerg any more today, so I go home and sleep. So guess what I did the next day? I CALL THE HOSPITAL, AGAIN. Ugh, I am so fed up at this point, I think it took me 15 minutes to dial the number. I again ask for outpatients, wondering if there's any point. Nope, none. She transfers me to emerg again. I speak with the same nurse I spoke to yesterday, she remembers me, Suprise! I wonder why. She then tells me she is going to transfer me upstairs to a midwife. What? Why wasn't this mentioned yesterday? So I speak with a midwife, she was extremely nice and acted very concerned. I tell her my situation, guess what happens next? Yep, hold again. But for better reasons. She speaks with the OB/GYN. And I get answers! No, I should not be taking HCT, I should be taking Methaldopa instead. I needed to see someone to get a new prescription. So I ask her to transfer me back to outpatients. I'm ready for a fight but I think I am numb at this point. So, I tell the lady at the desk I would like the earliest appointment possible to see my regular Doctor. Well, it was going to be a while, he was booked up. Ok, then I just need to see any Dr. to get a prescription change. They tell me there's no appointments until the following Friday (this was Tuesday of the previous week). Are you kidding me, nothing earlier? Oh wait, there's another Dr. that has an opening on the following Monday. Ok, still almost a week away. You sure there's nothing else? No, apparently there was nothing else available. Are you sure? Can you check again? I don't know if she was fed up with me at this point or not, but she gives me an appointment for the next afternoon! Bam! Finally! .....To Be Continued...

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