"Can you perform for me?"

Another appointment, another pee in a cup, or as the midwife liked to say "Can you perform for me?", another blood pressure check. The midwife looks at me and smiles "Normal". Normal???!!! What!???! Yes I am ecstatic! My blood pressure has been high for so long, and everyone was so worried. But 2 weeks ago after my visit with the PHN, I decided to eat healthier than I already was. I gave up Pop altogether (it wasn't as hard as I thought) as well as junk food and takeout (for the most part). & apparently it's working! I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. The Dr. told me this is no time to be on a diet, I told her I wasn't. All I was doing was following Canada's food guide to healthy eating, making sure not to overdo it on dairy and meat servings, cut out greasy, fatty no-good-for-you fillers and getting more fruits and veggies. I Drink lots of water, only 1/2 cup juice in the morning, and 1 glass of milk a day. I never realized how good I could feel! I'm so excited. If I can lose weight before I gain baby weight, that's a bonus! I hit 10 weeks as of tomorrow and according to http://whattoexpect.com our baby is now the size of a prune... "Your baby's growth is fast and furious when you are 10 weeks pregnant. He or she is nearly an inch and a half long and the size of a prune, but not nearly as shriveled (even with all the time it spends in water). In fact, your baby is really taking a human shape now. Bones and cartilage are forming, and small indentations on the legs are developing into knees and ankles. The arms (complete with elbows) can flex already, but don't run to the store for a baseball bat just yet. Though your baby's arms are taking shape and getting stronger, each one is only about the size of this number 1" . Ok, so hold off on the baseball bats, whew, one thing I can cross off my list, lol. So, I have to go for a gallbladder scan tomorrow, I never really asked why (I just figure she knows best), the midwife tested my urine and said "4 positives" for some word even she couldn't pronounce. So there we were, back in the xray department again. I have a scan tomorrow morning, I have to see the medical internist on Friday afternoon (something about my heart), a second ultrasound on the 15th (where I can get a picture, yay!), more bloodwork that day too, and then back to the OB GYN on the 17th for more "go pee in the cup" and "let me check your blood pressure". I think I should just move in there, it would be easier. lol. They also booked me for a 20 week ultrasound sometime in May. I am sure I'm gonna miss something along the way. Ken has also been there for everything so far. He's my rock. Funny thing was this morning it was so nasty outside, it looks like Mother nature hit meonpause and decided to take it out on us, finally give us snow (when we were loving the warm May type weather). We were late getting out of the house because the snow was half way up the door so Ken had to shovel us out, then the road was partially blocked in places from the snow drifts, and it was a bit slippery. So it the midst of all this, we were thinking all morning we were gonna be late, Ken packed work clothes for us both while I did my hair, not realizing until he got to his work he had a partial uniform, lol. He realized he never had his workshirt and he ended up taking my uniform to work with him, lol. I'm sure there will be more mishaps and laughter to come. Life is beautiful! xo -C

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