Stonehenge & Stoneage

Ok, so another ultrasound this morning revealed that my gall bladder is full of stones. Yep, another fork in the road. So, what does this mean? No greasy or spicy food for Candace. Thank God I'm preggo and thinking about the 2 of us, otherwise I think I would just lay down and die. Haha. I seriously hope this eating healthy continues beyond pregnancy. We'll see. But as for pain and stuff, I haven't been too sick, I guess because I was avoiding the greasy grave, until yesterday. I decided I wanted to celebrate my 6 pound in 2 weeks weight loss, so I had a tater poutine (I know right?) from the greasiest place in town, *Scary Browns. Well I guess after a while it didn't agree with me and I was sick all evening. Then for supper I had gravy again, well I guess my body couldn't handle it 'cause I started my slow death process in the middle of doing the dishes (good timing!). I was sick all night, I thought I had to go bathroom but I didn't. I was then a bit worried there was something wrong with squirt (yes, I named the baby already). But it was severe gas and abdominal pain that last all night and even this morning. Good thing I had that appointment, saved me a lot of pain. But I still don't know how I am gonna get through Labour! Oh well, another thought for another day. I have to see the Pinocchio Doc tomorrow about my heart (yea, apparently somethings not right there either). Good thing I got preggo or I would have fell apart :) Life is great! -C

*Name changed to protect the innocent.

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