22 wonderful weeks!

So I made it past 22 weeks. I'll be 23 weeks on Friday. So I've been having appoimtments every 2 weeks now instead of every week. My blood pressure is staying pretty much under control, as long as I take it easy, get plenty of rest and fit some walks in, lol, some. We're still mulling over names, it's so frustrating, our child will be nameless I'm sure, lol. I've been on sick leave since April 14th and have yet to recieve a penny from it. It takes sooo long! It shouldn't take this long but the company I worked for never ever sent me and ROE and refuse to call me back, typical. But I did everything I need to do, now just waniting for a call from them. I try not to stress over it because it's just gonna give me a headache and land me in the hospital, which we don't want. I'm still wearing my regular clothes, but now unbuttoned, lol. My jeans are tighter but still bearable. I guess being a big girl isn't so bad afterall :) The less I have to spend on maternity clothes, the better. So I have an appointment again next week, I'm sure all will be fine again. xo -C

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