We're having a.......

Yep, we're having a boy. so exciting, but I would have been just as equally excited either way. We had our 20 week ultrasound on May 12, last wednesday. Baby would not stay still. The tech. had a hard time getting the pictures she needed, she said he was very active. It was so amazing to see him moving around in there and kicking my bladder. Then on Friday, May 14th I felt him kick for the first time. It really is a feeling like no other, and he loves to kick my bladder. I was sitting listening to Country music and he kicked several times when an upbeat song came on. It was awesome. I can feel my stomach getting harder and it's exciting for Ken too 'cause at least he can feel the difference since I still don't look preggo. I lost a total of 7 pounds so far, but the baby is growing so no worries. I do get tired easily and went for a walk too far the other day and strained the muscle between my pelvic bone, it's very painful and if I don't take it easy and let it get better I'll have to wear a brace. Hopefully it heals soon.
So, people keep asking if there are any names yet. Ken really likes Casey. I'm not sure. I find it harder to pick a boys name, than a girls. I don't want anything too common, but nothing far out there either. I like Delko. Not sure if we will have one or 2 middle names. We also like initials, ie: RJ, JT, JR, CJ
Any suggestions??
Oh and Good news! My blood pressure is gone down! They even took me off one pill. So I'm only taking one a day now. All is well!

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  1. Happy all is well!! xoxo Time is going by too slowly! I want it to be October already!!!


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