Naming woes!

So baby finally kicked Daddy for the first time a week ago today. Now his kicks are getting stronger, I can actually see him kicking it's so amazing. Only 14 weeks left until we get to meet our little nameless man! We can't decide on a name at all. I pick a name Daddy doesn't like it, Daddy picks a name, Mommy doesn't like it. We have some of the same names we like but nothing sticks out! I was never more certain until now that our baby will be, unfortunately, nameless. *Le sigh* I hope some name just makes me fall in love with it soon! I'm so impatient. Daddy likes Casey, Me, not so much. But I don't know, maybe it's my crazy hormones. Face it, boys names are so much harder to pick than girls!
So I had another appointment today, all is well. Haven't gained a pound, but getting bigger. Blood pressure is staying pretty good. 140/70. I can feel my belly getting hard now, it's so cool.
We went to St. Johns last week and got some maternity clothes and baby things. I still have some things to get but I've been given quite a few things too. I love looking at baby things, makes me so giddy, lol.
So, we're thinking about painting the nursery green, but not til closer to the end of august, after all our summer visitors go back. Then hopefully we'll get everything in order. I have some great people helping me out with baby things, if it wasn;t for them I don't know what I'd do! You know who you are.
Anyways, name suggestions welcome. Nothing too whacky, lol


Kickin' Up A Storm

So here we are on vacation and the baby's kicking like crazy! I'll be 25 weeks on Friday. I am so tired and can't wait to get home though! We drove to St.Johns on Thursday. Didn't get here until 10:30pm, I was so tired. I don't think I'd wanna drive it all in one day again. I did get some maternity clothes which was the one thing I really needed though. Ken got a new phone, which apparently he needed (men). lol. But we had fun. I'm not a big shopper, so I was in and out as fast as I could. We went to Signal Hill, Fort Amherst, and Cape Spear on Friday, and a bazillion other places around here, it was such beautiful weather, couldn't have asked for a better day. Went downtown yesterday and walked around, watched as they tore down what was left of the Robathan, McKay & Marshall Law Office, it burned to the ground yesterday. We went to church today in Greens Harbour (Ken used to live there and knows lots of people there), had dinner at his Aunts, listened to his Uncle play the Banjo and the baby kicked like crazy again. The baby just loves music and is kicking constantly everytime it's on. We went to the Aquarena tonight swimming, it was so relaxing. I'm really getting tired of the takeout food though. I miss my home cooked meals, lol. We're heading back to the West Coast tomorrow, stopping in Wendy's in Campbelton, she has some baby stuff for me. Then we're thinking about going to Corner Brook for the night. We'll see, maybe we'll just head on home. I enjoyed our little trip, but I still have no desire to move back to the city. Small town life is just fine for me, lol.