29 weeks!

Yes, believe it or not, we have a name. Jackson Ryan Walter Reid, we will go by JR. Walter is after Hubbys Maternal Grandfather. And to think I was sure he would be nameless, lol. I'm officially into my Third Trimester. I'll be 29 weeks as of Friday. Still feeling great, but the heat is killer! I just can't handle it! I sleep with the fan on me all the time now. I hope it doesn't stay too hot all summer. It's only 20 degrees here today but it's too much for me. I had an appointment today, bp was 122/66 so still going good, Thank God! But, I gained 8 lbs in 3 weeks! So much for losing 8lbs, lol. Oh well, at least baby is growing. I'm still eating pretty good though for the most part. I try to avoid some cravings as they're not all good, lol. Kenny went to ON for a week and brought back some baby things. We were looking at paint colors for the room today, I wanna go with a nice limey green color to match the bedding. We have another ultrasound tomorrow, I can't wait to see baby again! My stomach has finally popped somewhat. I actually look preggo now, and feel it too, lol. I get leg cramps when I'm sleeping, my back aches but other than that, I'm feeling pretty good! Except for the tiredness. Gotta love afternoon naps! Anyway, thats all for now!

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