33 weeks, and counting....

Oh the heat! I hate the heat. Next time I get preggo, I'm planning it for the winter, lol. It's so uncomfortable in this heat. Maybe it isn't that hot, but I feel like I'm gonna melt. I just can't handle 25 degrees, lol. I had another appointment Wednesday past. Because my stomach was so tender, they hooked me up to the monitor. Dr. said she thinks it's because of the severe heartburn I've been having. She prescribed some ranitidine. It works wonders! But while I was on the monitor, we were watching my belly move as the baby turned over and kicked, it was so cool. But I started to get sick, and lost all color in my face and lips and got cold and clammy, thought I was going to pass out. The midwife looked scared and when she measured my blood pressure, it was 70/30. She got me to sit uo a little and then I started to come around and my blood pressure went back up. It's been about a few times that's happened since I've been preggo. They don't know what happened. But all seems to be well! another ultrasound in 10 days. Can't wait to see our little man again! People are still bringing gifts for baby since they never made it to the shower. I got more clothes and a quilt. Can't wait to put the nursery together, hopefully this weekend. We're gonna paint I think a green color to match the bedding. Sleep is getting less and less. Everything hurts. Come on baby!

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