38 weeks

So here we are, 38 wonderful weeks. When's this baby gonna make an appearance? He's settling into my pelvis quite nicely for him I guess, not so nice for me, the pressure is almost unbearable at times. Hopefully he'll make an appearance in the next 2 weeks and no later. My BP has been staying pretty much under control. My appointment was like 5 minutes this week, BP was 130/70, heartbeat was strong, everything else was fine, Dr. just told me to relax and come back next week. It was a nice break from the hour long appointments I have been having. I got a cold a few weeks ago and I guess the baby felt it too and I didn't feel him move as much, so I had to be monitored, but he's doing well, Dr. said last week the baby had dropped and was getting ready to engage into position for birth so he wont be moving quite as much. I'm so anxious so see him and hold him. But then again, so nervous about becoming a parent. It seems my body is preparing for labour, I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on and my back is aching a lot. This week has been the first time I couldn't go downstairs and do laundry, so I can't complain. I'm still cooking and cleaning and doing everything else, lol. But I can tell I'm slowing down, and I find I want to nap more. Sometimes it's only 15 minutes but makes me feel so refreshed. Only thing is, if I lay down too long my hips and thighs ache something fierce! I'm looking forward to sleeping on my belly again! lol. Oh the little things you take for granted! But it will be all worth it to hold our precious bundle of joy! xo -C


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