Nursery almost completed?

Yes, I think it is. Depending on when baby decides to show, it could be considered complete, lol. There's a few little things I need to get. Baby's bag is half packed, mine isn't even started. I figured maybe I'll start today. I've been feeling a lot more pressure on my pelvis and less movement from baby. More squirming than kicking now. I guess space is very limited. Another appointment on Wednesday, we'll see what the Dr. has to say. Ken figures by 37-38 weeks I will be in labour, I figure I'm gonna go over. I'm so anxious to meet my little man. I really should be enjoying the last few momoments of quiet and me time, but I can't wait to just smother him in kisses. I'm nervous about labour though. I'm not sure I'll know what to do, I'm such a wuss when it comes to pain, lol.
Kenn has been so good though, he's really supportive and even gave me a pedi and painted my toenails a couple times :) I'm so lucky! xo

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