D-Day is here...

...but still no sign of baby!! I am so miserable today and have been since my appointment on Wednesday. The midwife did an internal exam and a membrane sweep. Apparently my cervix is soft, but that's it. The baby has dropped, but not all the way, but she said that he might not drop all the way until labour. They were hoping the sweep would get something going. Well I've been having pain like menstrual cramps, and my blood pressure has been shooting up, but it's not consistent or regular. I just feel like a big sack of you-know-what. They told me on Wednesday that they didn't want me to go too far overdue, so they would try and bring me in to induce me. Well, they started saying Thursday night, then maybe tonight, if not Sunday, Monday at the latest. Ugh! I hate the waiting game, but I guess that's all I can do. My back is so bad, I want to go for a walk, see if that helps anything, but I don't know how far I'll get. I don't sleep well at all and I'm ready for a good ol' nap, lol. Baby is really active again though. It feels like he's gonna give one swift kick and push himself out, lol. I'm gonna miss the bruised ribs and sore stomach though. But I'm just so anxious to hold him! Hope he decides to come soon!

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