Courageous (3 book review)

“Courageous Living: Dare to take a Stand” By Michael Catt
“Because it is important to take a faithful, fearless stand in so many areas of life, pastor and COURAGEOUS executive producer Michael Catt offers Courageous Living as a closer look at biblical themes and characters that inspired the greatly anticipated movie.”
The purpose of this book is to teach us readers to be courageous and keep going when we want to give up and give in. As a Christian, we are living in a time where luke-warmness will just not cut it. If we want to have an impact on a nation for Christ, we must take a stand, even if it means facing our biggest fears. It will move you in such a way that you wont want to keep the book for yourself, you’ll find yourself recommending it to others as well as passing it on. We can’t live in worry and fear of what others may think, we have to stay focused on God and pleasing him and serving him and doing what is right in his sight.
The author uses scripture to raise points and illustrate stories in the Bible where people stood up and took a stand, just like we need to do everyday.

“Courageous Living: The Resolution for Men” by Stephen and Alex Kendrick
This book is encourages men to step up and be the fathers & Husbands that God intended them to be. Let go of the past, live in the present and focus on the future. Be a leader, not a follower. This book would be great for a mens group as it covers such topics as How to pray for your family down to avoiding pornography. This book helps men to distinguish between what is God’s plan for our life as opposed to what we have planned for ourselves.

“Courageous Living: The Resolution for Women” By Priscilla Shirer
Although the movie associated with this book is about men taking a stand, we, as women, need to stand up as well. For God, for our children, for our marriage. The challenge this book presents to women is to live as God would want us to live. To love, honor and obey our husbands. To make a stand, be a role model for other women is a very promiscuous world filled with so much pornography and profanity.
I think this book is better used as a daily devotional in your time with God. To read, meditate and pray about what you’ve just read, ask God to help your understand. Would definitely recommend.

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