7 Money Rules for Life: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future By Mary Hunt

In this book the author talks about the 7 rules for managing your finances including spening less than we earn, saving for the future and borrowing only what we know we can repay. This may seem like common sense, but how often do we fall into a trap thinking "Yeah, I can pay that back, no problem!". We don't think ahead to the future and unexpected expenses that may arise, an unexpected medical expense perhaps, or a maybe a car mechanical issue. We need to be more frugal in our spending, curbing it for only the necessary things and saving for that rainy day that we all know will come.

This book will change (hopefully) how you view money and how you spend your earnings. The nice thing about this book is the author is writing from her own lessons. She knows what it's like to struggle financially and is trying to help prevent the reader from making the same mistakes.

If you are struggling financiall, like myself, I would reccomend you read this book and help pull yourself out of that slump and figure out where you can start cutting unnecessary spending and saving for that unexpected expense, so when that day comes, you are ready for what it throws at you.

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