10 Things Jesus Never Said By Will Davis, Jr.

Too often Christians carry a lot of guilt and baggage when it comes to their relationship with God. The problem is that so many of us believe unbiblical, damaging things about how critical God is and how fed up he must be with us. But many of the things we think Jesus would say to us--things like "I can't believe you call yourself a Christian," "If you really loved me, you'd try harder," and "I'm so disappointed in you"--are things he never said. The solution, says Will Davis Jr., is to stop believing the lies and start believing the things Jesus did say. In 10 Things Jesus Never Said, Davis unmasks commonly believed myths about our relationship with God and shows readers how to replace this pervasive theology of failure with the truth of how Jesus really feels about them. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter help small groups or individuals apply these truths to their current situations. Anyone who has ever felt that they didn't measure up to God's standards will love this freeing exploration of grace and forgiveness.

Christians carry so much guilt and shame from things in the past and things that, as humans, we hang onto instead of turning them over to God. The autor explores different cliches that we so often hear like "you've gone to far". Well this is clearly explained on page 45 "You haven't gone too far. You may indeed be dirty, covered with sin - in reality we all are - but you're not too dirty. No one is."
This gives us a new hope, while we are yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 Something we so often forget.
We are never to far from God that he can't save us from ourselves and our sins. I think this book needs to be read whether you are a sinner, new convert or an old time christian. There's so much here the auto talks about that lingers in the backs of everyones minds. Such a great read.

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