Choose Joy; Because Happiness Isn't Enough By Kay Warren

When all your fondest hopes and wildest dreams come true, and your heart nearly explodes with happiness, it's easy to feel joyful.But what about the valleys? When nothing seems to go your way? When everything is falling apart? When God is silent, and you feel all alone?Where does joy fit into those moments? In Choose Joy, acclaimed author and Christian leader Kay Warren shares the path to experiencing soul-satisfying joy no matter what you're going through. Joy is deeper than happiness, lasts longer than excitement, and is more satisfying than pleasure and thrills. Joy is richer. Fuller. And it's far more accessible than you've thought.Joy comes from God . . . and it can be yours! Today.
The feeling I get from this book? The choice is yours. Ultimately people can do or say what they want, but God has given you your own mind to make up, we can either live in anger and depression and sulk in our own misery or we can open up, be happy and live in joy despite the trials! Joy is in the everyday! This book will help you open your eyes to the things around you and help you realize the choices you're making. Sure things may not be going the way we want them to, but that doesn't mean they're not going the way God intended. We tend to look so long at hard at the bad times that we're missing out on joy in other things.This book was clearly written by a woman as an encouragement to women but that doesn't mean men shouldn't read it. In fact, they can apply each practice to their daily living as well. I would definitely reccomend.
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