Healing: Unplugged By Bill Johnson & Randy Clark

Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, known worldwide as bestselling authors and leaders in healing ministry, witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God each year. But it wasn't always so. Now you can listen in as, for the first time, these close friends sit down to interview each other, candidly sharing their personal journeys behind life in the healing spotlight. With honesty, humor and humility they reveal how and why they first got into healing ministry the trials, errors and breakthrough experiences that propelled them forward the most amazing miracles they've seen detailed insights and time-tested advice for more effective ministry and more No stages. No spotlights. No sound checks. No crowds. Just raw, rare, intimate glimpses into real lives--through both the failures and the successes--of two men devoted to God.
I enjoyed realding the authors personal insights and the inward dealing of how healing works. God is an almighty God and works in some mysterious ways, this book certainly ttifies to that. Feathers & Godl dust? Well, you'll just have to read to find out! But I never doubt God and the people he has chosen to help do his work here on earth. This is a great read if you're looking for more of a one on one with a believer in healing.
I got this book from Chosen Books. A divison of Baker Publishing Group

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