Unstuck By Arnie Cole & Michael Ross

Does your relationship with God seem broken? Full of silence and distance? Do you ever want more than just an "okay" walk with Christ? After conducting extensive research, including more than 70,000 surveys, Back to the Bible leaders Arnie Cole and Michael Ross found many Christians feel the same way. But they also discovered the secrets that help believers grow and thrive spiritually. And they want to share what they discovered with you. Filled with honest stories and real-life examples, Unstuck provides you with practical and proven ways to encounter Scripture daily, connect with God, and revitalize your faith. Stop just going through the motions and learn how to tap into God's Word to live out the life He desires for you.
As Christians, sometimes we get "stuck" in a routine. Go to church on Sunday, read your Bible, pray everyday, etc. etc. etc. But we fail as people to find new ways to grow in God's word, to ignite the flame in our souls that has dimmed. Rules are made to be broken, and that is just what the author describes in this book. We need to step out of our comfot zone and actually start LIVING for God, rather than living the way we think God wants us to live. A great book for spiritual growth. Would definitely reccomend. I recieved this book from Bethany House, a divison of Baker Publishing Group

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