Nothing To Hide By T. Mark Bertrand

From the Back Cover:
The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for this Homicide Cop
Publishers Weekly calls J. Mark Bertrand's writing "gritty and chilling." He returns once more to the streets of Houston for another twisting mystery featuring Detective Roland March. This time, a new case is launched by the discovery of a headless corpse...only the investigation quickly becomes complicated when a blood sample analysis brings a phone call from the FBI.
The body was an undercover agent working to bring down Mexican cartels. The feds want the case closed rather than risk exposing other agents in the field, but March can't abide letting a murder go unsolved. And he doesn't have to dig long to figure out something isn't right. Someone is covering something up, and it seems that everyone has something to hide. Maybe even March, as the case soon intersects, unexpectedly, with the murder that led him to become a homicide cop, all those years ago.

This is the third book in the Roland March detective series. I haven't read the previous two. It is a great entertaining suspense novel with an occasional grizzly scene. The author does provide flashbacks to where Roland March began his career which was greatly helpful when starting in the middle of a series, lol. There are some major plot twists which adds a whole new perspective to the book. When the murdered is revealed I was so stunned, I couldn't believe it. Now I want to go back and reread knowing what I know now.
This is my first book by T. Mark Bertrand, but now I want to go back and read the previous 2. I would definitely reccomend this book!

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