Momsense By Jean Blackmer

What is the right way to mother? Can a mom trust her intuition? Or should she follow the advice of one of many parenting books? Into this fog of theory and philosophy, MomSense shines a light of refreshing clarity. Through personal stories from real moms and proven, practical advice, MomSense helps moms honestly assess their skills, embrace their mothering instincts, and develop their own unique mothering style. Rather than pushing one "right" way to be a mom, this liberating book shows moms that they are the best mom for their kids and that they can have contentment, joy, and confidence in their role. A perfect gift for a new or experienced mom, MomSense is also an excellent resource for women's small groups and MOPS groups.
I felt this book was more of a by Mom, for Mom's book. I find it's a good book to refer back to time and time again, especially when I feel I'm lacking on patience. There are some great examples and references which the reader can take away and apply to their own lives. My son is only 2 at the moment but it's given me a lot of insight and preparing me for situations which has not yet happened. I myself am also a SAHM which sometimes leaves me feeling isolated from the rest of the world but I found that I'm not the only one who feels this way at times. It helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed and at times you can feel like you're the only one who goes through these things but we're not. I've certainly put myself in check since reading this book. There are issues and things that arise that make me rethink, is this yelling working? what should I do instead? Would definitely reccomend this book to new Mom's or Mom's just feeling overwhelmed, I think everyone can benefit from this book. I have since loaned it to several friends and they said they found the examples more beneficial than a "how to parent book".
"I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review"

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