What Your Husband Isn't Telling You: A Guided Tour of a Man's Body, Soul, and Spirit by David Murrow

Your husband learned from an early age to deny his true feelings--and to be silent about his deepest needs. Most men long for greater intimacy with their wives, but they have no idea how to find it. Bestselling author David Murrow breaks the silence--uncovering the central secret of your spouse's heart. He reveals what every husband since Adam has felt but has been unwilling or unable to say. If you really want to know what's stored up in your husband's heart, read this book. You'll not only understand him better, you'll love and respect him more.
This is my second marriage book written by a male in the last two weeks, what eye openers. So men are not really from mars? LOL. When you read this book it will definitely open up your eyes to why a man thinks, acts, and speaks the way he does, it may make sense but it still doesn't make it ok. Ok, ok, I get it, it's the way God made them. But when I get to Heaven the first question I'm asking is why? LOL. This is a pure, raw in-your-face, sorry-I've-offended-you-but-I-am-speaking-truth type of book. If you're easily offended, don;t read it. If you want to understand a man, read it. Simple. A man just needs to be appreciated, loved, respected and told this often. Rewind! So does women! I would like to sit down with David Murrow and write a counter book in response to "What your Husband isn't telling you" I think I'll call it "What your wife IS telling you but you're just not listening!". All jokes aside, this is truly a great read!
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