How to Talk so Your Husband Will Listen: And Listen so Your Husband Will Talk by Rick Johnson

Ever feel like he just doesn’t hear you? It’s no secret that men and women speak different languages. Or maybe it’s just that we think we say one thing and our spouse hears something else entirely. But if good communication is one of the keys to a happy marriage, it’s time to get on the same page! You can have a powerful influence on your husband if you know how to talk to him. Now relationship expert Rick Johnson shares the secrets to speaking to your husband in ways he will respond to positively. He shows you how to recognize and affirm your man’s good qualities encourage leadership, forgiveness, and patience in your husband build his authentic masculinity deal with a man’s anger, self-centeredness, or other negative traits and much more If you’re ready for a brighter, more harmonious future for your relationship, you will love this insightful and sometimes humorous insider’s look into the mind of every man.

As a newly married woman I always feel my husband never listens to me, like he's off in another world (Sometimes I wonder, lol). Ever hear Men are from Mars? Yea, I think they are. But in all honesty, Rick did a great job in keeping this book in line with the Biblical aspect, how a woman should stand behind her man and support him 100%. It's hard in such a feminist society, but we must realize God wants us to support our men, serve him (for lack of a better term, blah). A book written for women, to understand men, by a man. Yes it is a must read. I think women need to get out of the "superior" role and fall back into the "supportive" role. I'm intrigued to read more books by Mr. Johnson.
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