It's a journey....Embrace it!!

So you've finally made that decision to start eating better and moving more to have a healthier you. Congratulations! The first step is the hardest one to make, I won't say it's all uphill from here, you will face battles, with the scale and within yourself. You'll have great days and you'll have horrible, no good, very bad days! But I just want to list a few things that I hope will help you, as it's things I've realized on this journey of my own.

1. Focus on loving yourself now, not when you get to a certain weight. This is a lifestyle change, a journey. Enjoy the journey for what it is. This is not some simple diet fad to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks. It's about fueling yourself with the good stuff, portion control, moderation and exercise and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

2. Live in the moment, but set small, realistic goals. I see too many posts on facebook or blogs saying that they 'can't wait to be such and such weight then they will finally be happy'. Be happy now, don't let a number on a scale define that happiness, trust me, being happy and positive and taking the bad with the good will help everything else fall into place. Tell yourself "I am going to get healthier! I am going to lose these extra pounds! I am going to do it one step at a time". 

3. Slow & Steady Freddy! "It took more than a day to put this weight on and it will take more than a day to take it off". I had to tell myself this so many times after weeks and weeks of down 1lb one week and up 2 lbs the next. It fet as though it was 1 step forward and 2 steps back so know what I did? I changed up my routine! Sometimes we're stuck in the same rut of doing the same exercises or eating the same amount of calories. One day I may only eat 1300 calories, another day I might eat 2500. It keeps my body guessing. This has worked for me so well, when I follow the same pattern of eating the same amount of calories I'm guaranteed to plateau. Also, if all you do is cardio, try adding some strength into the mix, your body will thank you.

4.Water, water, water. Get it in ya! There are many different sources to stay hydrated but I have to say, water is by far the best for you. I remember first when I started this journey I could never get in more than 6 glasses a day, now I drink 12-18 glasses a day! It's good for your skin, it's good for you all around! When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. Most times it's our bodies telling us we're dehydrated. If you're still hungry, get a snack lol

5.Pat yourself on the back once in a while. Give yourself credit. You did an extra minute on the treadmill today? Good for you! You chose an apple dipped in peanut butter instead of potato chips and dip? Awesome! You drank 2 glasses of water with supper instead of pop! You go!!! It's all about choices. Choices we make everyday. But remember to give yourself some credit when you make those healthy, wise choices.

I hope these pointers help you out a bit and if you ever need some advice there are so many people out there willing to help, but you have to want this for yourself! You can do this!!!

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