Angels In The Fire By Dann Stadler

There was no way Dann and Tracey Stadler could avoid the drunk driver speeding toward them. Moments later, with Tracey trapped in their burning car, a lone figure walked out of the nearby woods and saved her from certain death. Seconds later, he was gone. But the disappearance of this stranger was not the end of God's tangible intervention in their lives. 
As the Stadlers struggled through grueling recoveries and heartbreaking setbacks--even years after that fateful crash--the miracles and divine encounters continued. For the first time, the Stadlers share these incredible moments, offering an inspiring testimony to anyone enduring heartache and loss. 
If you are facing hard times--if you need assurance that God still ministers through His angels today--let this true story provide the hope and encouragement you need.

When I picked up this book I never anticipated that I would not be able to put it down! Everything stopped for me, dishes stayed in the sink, dust bunnies conjugated under my couch, and laundry screamed my name but it was drowned out by the book calling me to turn another page to see how these people could survive such an ordeal and one blow after another! Simply amazing! I've known God's grace, but this surpassed all understanding. The faithfulness of Dann & Tracey, after all they've been through, it seems they don;t heal from one blow, along comes another. Oh but the promises that God sent them! In the form of angels, the doves cry were so surreal I can only imagine how they felt! Such a great read, reccomend it to anyone!!!!
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That Certain Summer By Irene Hannon

Two very different sisters . . . an unexpected homecoming . . . one unforgettable summer
Karen and Val are family--yet they're anything but close. Karen has carried the burden of responsibility for her aging mother ever since her sister left town years ago to pursue a career in theater. But Val had other reasons for moving away--as well as a secret to keep--and coming home has never been an option . . . until their mother suffers a stroke.
Reunited in their hometown, Karen and Val must grapple with past mistakes as they care for their ailing mother. When two handsome men enter the picture, the summer takes on a surprising new dimension. As their lives intersect, can each of them learn how to forgive, let go, and move on? And strengthened by the healing power of faith, might they also find the courage to love?
With her trademark compelling characters and heartwarming hope, award-winning author Irene Hannon pens an inspiring true-to-life tale of complex relationships, the search for forgiveness, and the life-changing process of finding love.

Not my first novel b Irene Hannon, but her other reads were more suspense and mystery, this is the perfect book to read outside, relaxing on a beautiful sunny day! It shows a great relationship between the characters and gives us lots of information about who's who. Most readers will be able to identify with the turmoulous relationship between sisters, caring for a loved one and their strive towards reconciliation. I certainly would recommend this book and it is certainly a nice change of pace for Hannon!!!

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Deadly Devotion By Sandra Orchard

Research scientists Kate Adams and Daisy Leacock were on the brink of a breakthrough for treating depression with herbal medicine when Daisy was suddenly found dead. Kate knows that her mentor's death wasn't suicide or a careless accident--and she's determined to do whatever it takes to unearth the truth about what happened to the woman who changed her life.
Former FBI agent Tom Parker is finding it hard to adjust to life back in his hometown of Port Aster. Though an old buddy gave him a job as a detective on the local police force, not everyone approves. Tom's just trying to keep a low profile, so when Kate Adams demands he reopen the investigation into her friend's death, he knows his job is at stake. But despite his attraction to her, Tom thinks Kate may have something to hide.
As evidence mounts, a web of intrigue is woven around the sleepy town of Port Aster. Can Kate uncover the truth? Or will Tom stand in her way?

I could not put this book down! It seemed there was suspense and a question of "whodunit" with every turn of the page, you think you have the murderer pegged and then there's new evidence. I learned a lot about herbal research and medicine and dangers associated with natures seeds. I read the exerpt for the second book in the series and I can;t wait for it to be released, this series got me hooked and I can't wait to see what comes next!
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Fully Alive By Dr. Larry Crabb

Discover who you were truly meant to be and how you were truly meant to live.
Gender roles have been the subject of much debate and confusion over the last several decades. What is expected of a man? What is expected of a woman? And where do those expectations come from? But the Bible is clear--God created men and women to be unique and He did so for a purpose.
In Fully Alive, author and psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb offers a life-changing, biblically dependent understanding of gender uniqueness. He shows you how to appreciate and exhibit your God-given femininity or masculinity to reveal God's loving character to a world that is desperately in need of understanding.

I'm not certain I really got the point of this book, I seemed to drift off several times, like I was reading the words but wasn't absorbing anything I was reading. I believe the Bible and scriptures that a woman submit unto her husband but I think this book fell more away from that perspective and teaches us to follow God's plan for our lives. While this is all great teaching, I thought this book would be more along the lines of defining the sexes. It is still a great book!
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