Compass Study Bible

I received this Bible from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review. This is an absolutely beautiful but professional looking hardcover. Sturdy and sleek it has a great visual appeal, but that's not the most important, it's what's on the inside. The purpose of this study Bible is to find the truth in the scriptures and using that truth to help you navigate your life, your paths, where you are headed. It's great for a new Christian although I feel it is geared more toward a man, maybe it's the cool colors? or the navigational theme? But all in all, still a great source of information for someone seeking God's word


  1. I was wondering if this was an item that I would order. Thank you for the great review. Having my Blog complete at the end of this year I may do some book reviews next year as a new challenge!

  2. Have yu read my review on The Message Remix Bible? Great one as well!!


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