Relentless Redemption By Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

This book, Relentless Redemption is “for everyone who has ever felt discarded or disqualified….one woman’s inspiring story from devastation to destiny!”
About The Author:
Born to missionary parents in Kampala, Uganda, Laura-Lynn grew up knowing she wanted to make a difference for God. She decided very early on that she would serve Jesus for the rest of her life. After eight years in Uganda, in 1973, her father witnessed an army general murder their town mayor, one block from their home. Things had gone bad in the pearl of Africa.
Shortly thereafter, President Idi Amin Dada, the military dictator of Uganda at the time, deported her family. He eventually murdered about 500,000 of his own people. After this traumatic experience in losing the place she called home, Laura-Lynn moved with her family to Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories, where she lived for three years. "It was like going from the oven to the freezer.
Home then became Vancouver, BC and a series of personal crisis and brokenness brought her to her knees. She felt disqualified from the destiny she had felt was birthed inside her as a child. In God's loving and merciful way, He showed her that her identity had never been dependent on her performance, but rather on the righteousness of Jesus, Who had paid a high price to set her free. This revelation broke off a 3 year depression and she began to heal inside.
In 1999, God powerfully and supernaturally called her to television late one night as she was folding laundry. Still feeling unworthy and somewhat perplexed by this direction, she began an adventure that has become the ride of her life! Laura-Lynn has an often hilarious recounting of events, which led to her national television career. As she found out, the road to success is often paved with complete ineptness. Laura-Lynn did not let her quirky, eccentric, unconventional personality set her back. Instead she embraced all that God had created her to be and turned it into a talk show!
Her experiences have ranged from outrageous and exhilarating to heart breaking and life altering. Laura-Lynn brings her light-hearted yet profound, straight-to-the-point insight to her audience. In a dynamic and candid way she refuses to offer anything less than honest, gut-level truth. Having hit her own rock bottom, she is able to convey with certainty that there is hope beyond despair and life after seeming death.
Today, Laura-Lynn resides in Vancouver with her husband, their three children, a cat named Tiki and their mischievous dog, Tallula. Laura-Lynn also loves her extended family, high-risk youth, who come and live with them in their home. There is no greater joy than pouring out one s life to those who can never repay you. I am excited to see what God-sized adventures lay beyond my own mind s limitations. I press on towards the call to do my part to finish the course that destiny has laid before me. Laura-Lynn has discovered personally the truths she now fervently shares with her hearers. With a quick wit and fast paced humor, she is a delight to both youth and adult audiences. Laura-Lynn, a charismatic personality, comedic speaker and television host.

Do you need to be encouraged? Read this book. Do you need reassurance that God is still working even though you feel like he's left you? Read this book. Think you've had a bad day? Just wait til you read this book! Laura-Lynns story is a testimony of God's grace and mercy and goodness! Going from one extreme to the other and all the while trusting God for He knows what he's doing even when we question His plans. Laura tells her story of how God called her to Television late one night (yes he shows up even when we're folding the laundry) and how her comedic sense along with her compassion and obedience to God has brought here where she is today. Such a blessing to read how someone could go through so much and still come out trusting and believing in the one and only saviour. Definitely happy to add this to my growing collection of inspiration and hope!!

Learn more about Laura-Lynn on her website’s biography page. http://www.lauralynn.tv/pages/about-ll.php


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