The Long Awakening By Lindsey O'Connor

The riveting true story of a life-threatening coma, a miraculous awakening, and the long quest to regain what was lost.The day our baby came into the world was the day I left. A day that began all smiles and excitement and anticipation and joy ended with running and panic and blood and tears. And then coma.
I lay suspended in the deep, my newborn unknown. Nothingness. Layers where dark pulled from below, light called from above, and me, trapped in between, longing to break the surface.
To live.
Forty-seven days later when I first saw my husband's face leaning close to me, I knew where, and who, I was. But other things took much longer to know. Learning to restitch life--and love--when everything's changed, and finding who we are afterward, can be the longest journey of all.
I'm Lindsey O'Connor, and this is the story of my long awakening.

Imagine one of the best days of your life, the birth of your child, the happiness, the love. Now imagine that all being ripped away and waking up almost 2 months later, that's Lindsey O'Connor. I cried, I empathized I felt so much for the author as she told her story of hemmoraghing in child birth and then emergency surgery and then the medical induced coma and the missing pieces of her life. The reader can follow along as the writer discovers who she was and who she is all the while trying to fit back in within her own family whos changed so much since she's been absent.

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