The Spiritual Danger Of Doing Good By Peter Greer

Charity and Service Have a Dark Side

You want to live out the Gospel by serving others, and you're willing to sacrifice your time, money, and perhaps even your safety. But do you realize the spiritual dangers you face as you serve? Peter Greer, the CEO of a Christian nonprofit, found that serving others and seeking justice actually did him harm. He shares how something that started with the noblest of intentions got off track--and how he got back on course. His story is a compassionate warning for anyone who works in ministry or charitable nonprofits, from CEOs to weekend volunteers.

As Christians it's easy for us to be used by people for our goodness or focusing so much on the good we forget to serve Christ. I believe this book was written for spiritual Leaders but it's also applicable on a personal level as well. We must shift our focus so that we are focused on God and what he wants us to accomplish all the while keeping him the center of our lives.
Great eye opener!

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