Top 10 Blogger Gift from Ten Thousand Villages

Imagine this...
 A day where anything can go wrong, does.
Anyone that can be mean to you, is.
Anything that can break, falls apart...
 Here I am holding back tears, trying to keep my positive attitude on the forefront because we never know what someone else is facing and I'm always trying to be a light for God.
But then, Imagine my surprise!
 I wasn't expecting mail, yet I receive a parcel card in my mailbox. Hmm, what could it be? A package from Graaf-Martin Communications? I don't remember requesting any review materials?
 I open it up,
Inside was a beautiful celebration gift from Ten Thousand Villages!
 Before I even opened up the box, I admired the packaging and read the card. They were thanking me for being one of the top 10 bloggers, so touching! Just those kind words alone made me think back to a few weeks before when I thought "Is all this blogging and reviewing making an impact, making a difference for the better?" Then I opened it up to find a beautiful, colorful Viscose Stole that took my breath away! I don't think I've ever owned something so beautiful in my life!! It's so thick and heavy and nothing like anything I've ever laid my eyes on. After the bad day I was having, I was ecstatic to see some sweet, rich, creamy fair trade chocolate with Hazelnuts by Camino! I definitely will not soon forget the kindness they have shown and has since been picking out Christmas gifts from their website. I think I have realized the dire importance of buying fair trade and supporting the skilled craftspeople in their work. Check them out at the link below. I'm sure there is something for everyone on your list!

To learn more visit the Ten Thousand Villages Website

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