Let us become more aware of your presence

Each and every one of us need to stop, take a minute and truly search our hearts and see where our longings lie. What are we desiring more than anything? Where are we spending our precious time? We need to invite the Holy Spirit into every part of our lives to just totally envelop us, so that we may be all that God created us to be. I worry that as Christians we've become too complacent, too comfortable (myself included) with just sitting back and enjoying Gods presence as spectators instead of being a part of the whole experience and allowing God to fill our body with His presence, goodness and grace, Think about it, how do you feel if you've been so busy working all day and didn't take time to eat and it's long past meal time. Our physical bodies are hungering for food. Something to fill that hole in our stomach, to satisfy our needs. We can become cranky, tired and even ill. The same goes for our soul. We have a void that only God can fill. When we let Him in he floods us with His peace, grace and mercy. We are able to think more clearly and respond in a much gentler way. So, how hungry are you?

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