Making it home By Emily T. Wirenga

Growing up in the murky space between Gloria Steinem and Martha Stewart has left a whole generation of women struggling to define and embrace the meaning of home. There is constant pressure to do things a certain way and often intense criticism from those who think you're doing it wrong. But what if home isn't really about whether or not you homeschool or have a career or make your own artisan bread? 
What if home is more about who you are than what you do?
Former subversive Emily T. Wierenga takes you on an unconventional journey through marriage, miscarriage, foster parenting, and the daily struggle of longing to be known. In this soul-stirring quest for identity in the midst of life's daily interruptions, she shows us that homemaking is much more than old-fashioned tradition; rather, it's a timeless and essential art requiring mind, body, and spirit.

A beautiful journey through Wierengas hardships and trials to the woman she is today. It's nice to read something that let's us as Moms know we are not alone in this world. We all struggle. I felt at times she could have been writing about my life and the obstacles I've faced such as an eating disorder and then about the loving, supportive husband and being a mom of a boy. I got teary eyed many times while reading her story. It gives me hope and let's the reader know that while at some point of our lives we may be broken but we don't have to remain there. So grateful for such stories and the hope that the writer found and turned her situation around for good. Thanks Graf-Martin for my review copy!

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