Jesus Helps Me By Callie Grant

"Jesus Helps Me" offers four levels of exploration: a quoted Bible passage (John 12:44-47), supporting captions that relate the passage to a child’s life, thinking questions to personalize the experience and colorful, full page photographs. Also included is a tip section for parents on how to use the book with a baby, toddler, and child.The book is a Learn book in the well-received Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Collection, which makes personal Bible studies accessible to young children. Alongside adults, the series helps kids build a foundation for faith and a lifelong friendship with Jesus. The release of "Jesus Helps Me" coincides with launch of the re-designed of the Knowing My God series, which now features an updated look and expanded content. More on this title is pasted below, and available at http://www.grahamblanchard.com/product/jesus-helps-me/

What a well presented book. The beautiful animal illustrations along with a caption about that particular animal and a scripture to back it up in Gods words. I really like this book although I do believe it's more geared toward toddlers. Not sure if it's because my 5 year old with Aspergers found it too immature or not. I think the way the book is laid out you can read just the scripture or just the captions to children with short attention spans. I think my son was expecting more of a story based book, hence the disappointment.  I think it is a wonderful combination of scripture and truth while studying the different creatures in our world. It's a nice sturdy board book with bright colors and actual photographs rather than drawn images. 

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