Jesus Inspires Me Color & Activity Book

"Jesus Inspires Me" is a coloring and activity book by Graham Blanchard, where kids can create and have fun, all while learning about Jesus. Each original page ties together facts and themes from their "Knowing My God" series, while working to inspire creativity and a love for Jesus in the lives of children.
So normally my son doesn't go for any coloring books and lately, at the age of 5, he doesn't want to hear about church at all :( But when I got this in the mail he took it right away! The activities were interesting to him! Finally! He was so caught up in it I almost forgot to post a review! It has a great quality in the paper for coloring and loads of activities as well such as mazes and dot to dots. All the while this coloring book is teaching our wee ones about Jesus. Graham Blanchard has yet to disappoint and I've loved each item I've received from them. Superior quality, sturdy and all around appealing. I hope you enjoy!

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