KonMari this place!

KonMari is my new favourite word. People are asking me to come organize for them, I told them I could definitely help but it's not as simple as they would think. There's a mental process as well. It's not just the organization, it's the letting stuff go. And that's what I think people will find the hardest. So today I moved on to books, and lucky for me I purged back in the summer/fall and got rid of hundreds! I was down to 2 bookshelves in my closet but after today I'm using half a shelf on a small 
bookshelf! Amazing!


I'm not quite sure how I will display them just yet. I want to create a little happy space in my bedroom with the perfect comfy chair and a side table for reading, journaling and meditation. Just a place of peace and contentment that's all mine. ❤  I've just recently painted my dining room, kitchen, master bath and hallway light grey. My bedroom is yellow but I'm thinking I want to carry the grey throughout. I love the calmness it brings and the sleek modern look. Today I ordered new flooring for the bedroom. It's the same as what we laid in the dining room, living room, hallway and master bath. It's a dark flooring with a bit of brown and grey, (brockville oak). 😍😍😍 
So in love. I'm a neutral tone throughout person. I'd rather add pops of color in the way of throw cushions and greenery. That's what makes me happy! The yellow is nice but there's just something about it that I am not completely in love with. Maybe it's the photographer in me lol. 
Since the books didn't take as long as anticipated, I moved on to papers. Whoa! Who knew one could accumulate so much papers! They were everywhere! Bills, documents, handwritten notes, receipts, recipes, passports lol. But now all our documents, passports, birth certificates, etc all sit in this nice little folio and that makes me happy! 

 I started the DVD's and CD's today too, but I will finish them up tomorrow. Last purge we kept one CD case filled with cds (40ish?) and tonight it is gone! We decided we have it all digitally now anyways so we didn't want these copies collecting dust, thank you local buy and sell groups! Our items served us well but now it's time for others to love them. We didn't have many DVD's to get rid of because we already sold hundreds in our last purge. My son kept maybe 1/4 of his collection. I am so proud of him for letting go. He said "Mom I can watch this on Netflix anyway". You rock kid! 
I needed a break so I just left in the middle of it and back to it tomorrow. Plus I needed to start posting on the buy and sell groups to get this outta the way, take out the garbage and sort what was going to thrift stores. It's amazing how much we collected over the past 5.5 years since we bought our home. 
I'm glad I started this process and it's definitely doable. We just need to be more mindful of what actually sparks joy for us and in us. We don't need to be holding on to things that just clutter our lives and our minds. Let's keep moving forward! 

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