Letting go of stuff

Ones choice to minimalize and practice the art on KonMari must have some valid reason behind it. There is a driving point, something that makes you feel that you need this in your life. When I first heard about Marie Kondo and her book I had been studying minimalism for a while and watched a few documentaries, reading about tiny homes and thinking "Hey! I can do that! I'd love to do that! That looks so cozy to me!". There was something about it that just sparked joy, like it was meant for me. Perfect, this will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! So I bought the ebook, found a few groups on Facebook, searched some hashtags on Instagram and got to work. Boy, was I ever wrong. 
When you have a child on the Autism spectrum nothing ever comes easy. Change isn't easy. Anything out of routine isn't easy . Getting rid of 'stuff' is definitely not easy. There's been many tears, many screaming matches, many arguments and even my hubby has been in on some. Then I realized, this isn't suppose to be like this. So I KonMaried my own things and left my two guys alone. Things are going much smoother now. My sweet 6 year old let things go on his own. He's much much happier with a tidy space not overflowing with stuff. He still has plenty but he's working on it. He's excited to be saving money from our sales for a tropical vacation away from all this cold and snow. Hubby is seeing my progress and slowly coming around. He sees how happy less stuff makes me and I know he loves a happy wife lol. But this is a journey about finding yourself. Who you are, what you want, why you want to live this way. For me? I am calmer, I am more at peace, I can think more clearly and I am much happier to have less around me. Quality over quantity. 


I've already learned so much about myself.  Like I am a very big impulse buyer at times and I tend to pick up new hobbies overnight and stretch myself over 10 instead of putting more effort into a couple. I also have a hard time letting things go. I don't know why, I just do. I'm resistant to change. But the more stuff that is going out of my house the more relief I'm feeling. 
Today I finished up the DVD's and moved on to my photography props that were screaming at me from my master closet. It was a disaster. We currently are demo and Reno mode in the basement and because it's kinda musty I keep things up here where the air is clear. It was stogged everywhere! I hauled it all out and took many breaks but I got it done! It's still not the greatest because I hate staring at the bins but it's now organized. I know all my newborn outfits are in one bin, backdrops in another, blankets in another and so on.


This was when I hauled it all out. Now here's the after! 


It is definitely a huge improvement. I got rid of over two bins of things I never used or wasn't pertinent anymore. I can breathe easy now and isnt that pretty much what this journey is about? Even though things are still in bins I know where to find them and that's the most important 😊 
Tomorrow I may take a break and do some work I need to get done and just throw stuff out that I see that needs to go while I litter patter around the house. I was looking at my bookshelf today and running my hands over my books again and thinking, I need to add "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying-up" to this shelf of love ❤

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