My journey to minimalism

So I've stared reading Marie Kondos book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing" and I must say, I am quite impressed. I'm reading it section by section and taking my time. Well today it was clothes. Actually, before I read this we've been working on clothes. The amount of stuff we accumulate is overwhelming! I forgot to get before pictures, but here are the after


This is my one section. It contains my pants, capris, bathing suit, tank tops and tshirts. Other than this I have one half of a closet space and hubby has the other half. I didn't take a picture of my closet section because I don't feel quite done yet! Hubby is having issues letting stuff go so for now I'll keep practicing the art of KonMari and hope he follows. He did get rid of some things today though, I am quite proud of him! Here's his section 


 His tshirt drawer and jeans and shorts are in the bottom drawer. 

I love this folding method that lets you see what you have. I had so much clothes that just sat on the bottom and was never worn because I would always pull out what was on top! 
My dear son would probably get rid of all his clothes except underwear and onesies if I let him lol. He really despises jeans, said they feel like rocks as well as button shirts. So I helped him organize and repack. 


Went from 5 drawers down to 4 and you can see that he could easily use even less space. I forgot to capture his pants lol. 
I'm really enjoying this journey so far and there's so much more to sort through but some things are bringing up memories I can't imagine when I get to the sentimental items! 
Tomorrow it's on to books and maybe papers, maybe 😉

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