The exhaustion is worth the happiness!

Ok so I'm really beginning to see the light at the end of this crazy KonMari tunnel! I am loving that I am loving my home! Everything in it is what I love, is what makes me happy, it's what sparks JOY! 
So yesterday I took it easy with the decluttering and did some grown up work that needed attention biiiiiiig time. I couldn't not do anything though so I did towels, linens and bedding. Now while I don't love the towels, I absolutely cannot afford to replace them right now, plus I'm not sure what I want to go with just yet (colour, white, etc). 


Main Bathroom. Way too much storage in here. I need a total makeover. 


Got rid of the rolly cart in the master bathroom (which was recently renovated), which was a mess, and replaced it with this pretty basket! 😍
I've been quite busy today as well. I decided instead of keeping going with the bathroom I would tackle the biggest project (besides clothes). The kitchen. Oh my. It was a disaster. I hated trying to find anything in my cupboard. I had so many beautiful dishes but I didn't love them. So I started hauling it out and only putting back what I truly loved. Less is more, so much more. 


Just the BBQ grill basket above the stove. Nothing else. It's a great place for seasonal items for sure.


My corner cupboard used to be the one place I hated to get anything out of. I had so many serving dishes piled up there I finally was ready to give them new homes. Look at how much easier it is now to get something! 

Not in love with the pot and casserole storage but it is what it is lol.


Got rid of the bowls I hated, kept what I loved.


There used to be a huge utensil holder on the counter, but got it down to just this 😍😍 so much better and check out how clean my counters look 



I love this. This brings me joy. Even though the cabinetry isn't my favourite (it came with the house). 
Here are some more cupboards 


And I also have in to the pantry. We had a food cupboard but I begged hubby to turn the extra closet we had into a pantry. Well after throwing out 2 big bags of expired food I decided we didn't need that pantry so here is all our goods back in the food cupboard in the kitchen. Hopefully this ends the expired food dilemma. I also fronted the top shelf junk food. Hopefully that way it looks totally full and we'll buy less!


It was a long process, plus I had sold a ton of stuff on local classifieds. Threw out 4 bags of garbage. 4. Expired food. That's sad. Took 7 bags to someone to take to the thrift store as it's in another town. 
I'm pretty tired but pretty proud of all the progress we've been making! 
My son was onboard with the pantry tonight ❤ he was a great help transferring items to the cupboard. I can't wait to see if this helps make life easier for us. I had so many multiples you'd think I was preparing for an apocalypse, yet I didn't even think I had any of certain items. 
Oh! Forgot to mention the spice cupboard! That was always a mess, plus a spice rack that would sit on the counter. Got rid of it, put my favourite spices in the cupboard. Tossed the rest. I truly wish I would stop wasting money on things I don't need. Tomorrow is Sunday. I will probably take it easy, but the bathroom is calling. We'll see what happens! Good nite! Or is it good morning now? Lol 

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